NFP resources for Atheist Husband?

Good for you! I am PROUD of you! Alot of Catholics that go to Mass are on birthcontrol and do not know this teaching of the Church. I am not married, as someone state before, but maybe bring up how detrimental and sexist birth control is to women (estrogren is also killing the environment....). Some women DIED while the birth contol pill was being invented, and yet no one seeks to understand their dealths (,their%20deaths%20were%20never%20investigated.&text=The%20pill's%20history%20starts%20with,behalf%20of%20women's%20reproductive%20rights.)) In a way, its sadly made pregancy a "women's issue" and "their fault" if they get pregnant. (I have heard so many guys, even ones that call themselves 'femisimst' take on this rhetoric...) when really, its about two people coming together and you husband has an important role to play in that...NFP can help him to relaise the ful extent of that responsiblity, its not just yours. To love one as women, the full extent of womenhood and what that entails needs to be embraced even with the road bumbs in the way that comes with honoring that.

I might be wrong, but the openesss to life can come later. If he understood how sexist birth control was and how it puts the burden on the women, maybe he would be alot more open. You are doing a great job! And NFP does center around conversation (when its that time, do you all want the chance of kids or too abstain). Make that conversation a vital part of the relationship helps it to establish deeper roots, cause it gives an opportunity for yall to reflect where you are, listen, and discuss where you all want to be. Also periods of abstaining, lead to more sex according to this one study I guess it can be new to him, which can be scary, but if he can see how much our cultural narritive around sex and reproduction is bias AGAINST women in a certain respect and how it hurts you, maybe he would come around. it might take some time, but the best things always do.

on a side note, if he does, and if you all are open to it, maybe make a couples youtube channel about NFP sexy time, cause it can be really sexy. And it might be weird for me to use that word 'sexy' but like in Brave New World " you can't have passion without chasity." if people think christain grey is soo bad from 50 shades, wait till they meet someone who instead of inflicting pain on others, understand how to carry self restraint on himself for the betterment of someone else (if he's an atheist, maybe not bring this up yet, but its an embodiment of Christ...and i think guys are made to be strong and scarafice, to provide and to protect, and this is just another form of that within the relam of intmacy). i think it could be really cool because you have the spirtual side with your Catholicism and his materialist side with athethistism which can lead to a more 'fuller' picture of NFP and its practice for both people.

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