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No matter what I do I can't get this to work. I keep getting the

NHLGames Bug Report v

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bits - .Net build 4.0.30319.42000
Internet: Connection test succeeded, ping google.com succeeded
Streamer args enabled:--hls-segment-threads=2 --hls-segment-attempts=9 --hls-segment-timeout=10 --hls-timeout=180
Player args enabled:--cache=50000
Selected player: MPV
Streamer path: C:\Users\brent\Downloads\NHLGames-v1.4-complete\streamlink\streamlink.exe [on form] [exe found]
VLC path: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe [on form] [exe found] MPC path: [on form] [exe not found]
MPV path: C:\Users\brent\Downloads\NHLGames-v1.4-complete\mpv\mpv.exe [on form] [exe found]

Console log:
[16:16:45] Status: Setting updated for 'HOSTNAME' to 'freegamez.ga' [16:16:45] Error: Code failed at: Starting proxy - With exception: The system cannot find the file specified
[16:16:46] Fetching: Game schedule for 2019-04-18 from NHL.tv error message. I have tried the go-mlbam-hosts.exe app, when I use it I add the host entries and it says it's succesful, but I still get an error. I also have tried adding every file/folder that the app is associated with to my windows defender exclusion list but still nothing works.

what am i doing wrong here?

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