I honestly immediately write anyone off that believes in straight up socialism/communism. I give the Chapo dudes the benefit of the doubt cuz I love that show and they’re all super intelligent and mostly cuz they basically invented that shit....obvious I say that in jest but it really does seem like ever since they blew up and got famous then like 40% of every hipster city in the nation started calling themselves socialit’s. It’s truly hysterical too cuz soooo many, id say most of them are spoiled rotten. We’re talking women and guys that probably all went to school for 4 years minimum (paid for), received degrees, entered the work force and either had connections to get in or just didn’t have the personality skills to make it at all. So now they spend their lives unemployed and online saying theyre autistic or have anxiety and shit like that and screaming about “ableism”, just complaining about the government when they had every privilege and advantage in life and are just too lazy and retarded to do anything without daddy. These people hate captialism so much yet they probably all live in awesome apartments in Brooklyn, Chicago, Philly, and LA and hit up all the best restaurants on the regular. if they can’t be a blogger, a podcasters, a “comedian”, or a trans cutie and anime art appraiser they have nothing. And the thing that drives me the craziest is that when it comes to all the actual “middle class”, blue collar, hard working, mother fucking union men and women these faggots look down on them with nothing but contempt and think they’re better than them, they call them “chuds” and despite claiming to be on their side and the backbone of the country and the true key to the nation that they want, in the end these people would look right back at them with the same disdain. I work with these savages, they love Trump, they’re pretty stupid when it comes to culture and the day to day politics, but it’s because they’re not extremely online, they’re too busy raising kids and maintaining their houses and property. But I can guarantee you that they would call the socialist chapo listener a retarded faggot very very fast and be “canceled”. Damn I lost my shit there, from what I understand Red Scare isn’t PC at all so I’d imagine their followers are strictly just creepy horny “reply guys” donating more than the minumum hoping Dasha sends them her panties so we can wear them on his face like a Bane mask. Either those reply git’s, a handful of rich idiotic hipster broads and bitchy gay guys. Either way I’m fucking so shocked it makes dough like that, I guess I’m gonna have to listen to an episode now (with an open mind) just to check

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