Why do nice guys finish last?

In your scenario, I'm not sure who I'd be inclined towards, because neither "internet nerd" nor "macho man" blows any wind up my skirt.

You're misinterpreting what I'm saying. I'm not saying "macho man"

When I said "in depth" I meant actual scientific references. I've heard the whole hunter-gatherer thing before. Not saying there's nothing of interest to be found in biology but you're oversimplifying the issue.

If you interpret what I'm saying as "women like buff guys cuz evolution bro", then perhaps. Though that is a clear and gross misunderstanding of what Im saying.

Women like security. The form it took 3000 years ago and the form it takes today are very different things. 3000 years ago, yes, women would be inclined to be with a man that could physically protect her. And yes, there are residual effects of that which bleed through to this very day.

In today's world? Security takes the form of financial security. Women want to be with someone where they feel safe and secure, and in our societal landscape that is men who are steady and reliable.

Vanity is not something removed from people though, so obviously looks play a large role.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a streamer?

People who play video games and broadcast themselves to viewers for money.

Maybe it's a shame that she's not into this friend of yours but in the long run it's probably wise to steer clear. I was in a very brief relationship with someone I wasn't into for those reasons (smart, sweet, generous, going places) and things ended badly to say the least.

It's not everyday that an intelligent, genuinely kind, successful man with similar interests falls in love with you. She's eventually gonna settle, and I don't think it's too far gone to say settling on character is a less desirable than settling on vanity.

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