Nice S-Class Multi-tool - 24 slot ... Affluent Vy'keen system

First, thank you to everyone who has shared what they have found & a special thanks to " u/MusicianTT**"** who shared the coordinates for the long nose fighter that lead me to the multi-tool ---- If you go to the SS you should see an A-class tool, after the SS go straight to the moon minor settlement @ +6.75, -84.78 and that is where I found the S-class... The settlement is about 2/3 around the moon when traveling from the SS. (stay between the planet & moon) I bounced around the different trader bases for 2 hours trying to get the s-class fighter but only found the A38/12 --- Good luck

Link to pic of tool details, shot of minor settlement & my fighters (middle fighter is the one from that system - other 2 are S38/12) ---

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