The Nicest PKers

Oh no I didn't realize that the massive expanse of the wilderness is for PvP! Thanks for letting me in on that secret.

So because a corporation created something it is automatically a good idea?

But even beside that point—I'm not saying that every part of the wilderness is a bad thing. But I do certainly think that you have to be a kind of asshole to wait around and kill people—do you think they just shrug it off and say: "Oh, it's just a game."? Sure, to some extent—but it is also a bit of a painful experience!

I personally don't wait around the Abyss teleport or anything like that—I would feel like an asshole if I did. Anything similar to waiting by the Abyss to kill people, in the "real world" or in Gielinor or wherever, makes you a kind of asshole.

But my point in the previous post wasn't about any of this—I was just objecting to the ridiculousness of an argument that says: "If something is a preference, it is ok. Respect my preferences, no matter what degree of malice is attached to them." — there HAS to be something wrong with that.

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