Nick de Bois - Parliamentary Candidate for Enfield North

Yeshuu - Thanks for the questions- I will keep the replies brief as you will appreciate the need to answer as many as possible!

First the name it's more Bwa than boys as in Theydon Boys!

Same -sex marriage- I deliberately consulted widely across the constituency but finally settled on my view that I did not feel a re-definition of marriage was something I could support. Old fashioned perhaps, although I was very supportive of civil partnerships.

Mitochondial donation - While I have every sympathy for those children who are affected by mitochondrial disease, and the families who care for them, I have serious doubts about these techniques - both in terms of the science behind them- as explained to me- and the ethics of the potential use.

Legal Aid- I looked into this in detail as a member of the Justice Select Comm- The cuts were necessary because the legal aid budget, like many others was vast and had to take a share of the need to reduce spending.

Tax - I believe that people should be able to keep more of their income than the state currently takes. I believe many spend it more wisely often than the state. After all the biggest effect on cost of living is the share of tax we take from income and savings - hence my preference for reducing tax thresholds than VAT for so long as is unfortunately necessary

Succeses - Train operator changes , TFL taking over Enfield Town, Turkey St, Southbury lines, and Govia ( more to do) after all the average lifetime commuter spend a year of their life on trains!

My knife crime mandatory sentencing bill

4 Jobs Fairs bringing local employers together with job seekers,

Despite the disappointment of the A and E, I am pleased to have secured the re-build of the hospital without PFI funding.

And of course, unemployment down by 50% for young people

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