Why the Nick Fuentes 'sister' thing shows disgusting behavior from this community

This is less about excising bad parts of the left, and more about changing how we approach dealing with our opposition and one another. We've got to do populism, and that means flinging shit.

Like take Russia for example. A lot of people would say recent developments have weakened the democrats position, but I'm skeptical. I think they should hammer on it. It's not all they should do. They should unite in a very clear way to tell the American people that we're gonna bring your jobs and upward mobility and economic security back. And when we can't do that we should blame the republicans. And when we're faced with splitters and centrists we cast them out. Total loyalty to one ideal. This is the only way we're gonna make any progress greater than language policing.

As soon as Trump got in office it was a race to see how fast he could undo everything Obama did. The incremental, "high-ground" pragmatic shit just isn't going to do it. Why would we ever want to limit our ideas from being anything less than revolutionary? We want change.

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