Nicotine Analogues

And we are called the U.S.A. I believe it is more of a social issue that we still address it as a stigma. Recovery is progressing, but it is still pretty slow. We consume over 50% of the worlds drugs at 5% of the worlds population in the States. Im sure most of you know this.

I’m not trying to argue. But it would be nice to treat drugs as a social issue instead of militant most ways. With the addict in mind of course. The FDA members hold stock in the drugs they are pushing. This is corrupt.

My conclusion is that you can’t use blame China or a gentleman’s agreement. When I was hooked on opiates I OD’d off of FDA approved Fent patches before tis influx started to come in from China or other nations who have broke the gentleman’s agreement. With more money going into recovery more suboxone is handed out. This drug saved my life at one point, but at my last treatment center which was no Psychoactive substances allowed.

Now they have a suboxone grant. They were not ready for it. At the moment alcoholics are lying to the doc and selling there scripts for a drug they do not need and do not want.

I’m all for suboxone treatment if needed. But grants should be placed in place to staff up a small private rehab, before handing out a drug that just hits the streets. Don’t know why I wrote this. I guess I mean that there will always be a drug problem. Fentsvand opoids/opiates are killing about 30 thousand a year.

Alcohol which was made illegal right before narcotics. An then prohibition on it ended due to negative results. Now it kills over 500-800,000 a year. Not counting the loss of years on life due to heavy drinking. My point is drugs will never cease to exist. They have been around since the dawn of man and gave advanced via pharmacology and chemist.

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