Nigel Farage Brexit Speech at Donald Trump Rally in Jackson Mississiippi

I really like Nigel Farage (favorite foreign politician along with the Le Pen ladies), but it's pretty disappointing that he is supporting Trump. As a conservative I think Trump and the candidates from the other three parties are all terrible. Now don't get me wrong I think Trump was the right choice for the GOP versus the field. I don't want refugees coming here and I want stronger immigration control, but is Trump really going to go through with anything he says? Certainly new trade deals would be a welcome change, but his rhetoric on bringing jobs back lacks substance. Trump seems to make ONLY calculated decisions, and without the best precision.

I will probably vote for Trump simply because I think he does care about this country, where Clinton only cares about herself. Also, the two fringe third party candidates and their vice-presidential candidates are actually worse from my conservative view, and I really do not want someone like Johnson or Stein to get more influence over independent voters. It's really a shame we do not have a true right wing party in America.

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