Night shift workers of reddit, what is your scariest experience while working?

It happened a year ago and i vividly remember that experience, I was working in my dad's friend office (Managing files, documents, etc) i had night shift that day, it was friday night and no one was at office at that moment, i had my headphones on, a man with a yellow hoodie shows up in the reception area, he looked pale and had a terrifying look, he looked kinda old (around 50-60?), i was on my phone scrolling through reddit and i caught his presence,i heard him mumbling something that i couldn't make out, i said to him, "Sorry, i didnt catch that, can you repeat that to me again?" He looked dead in eyes, i got sudden chills, still trying to keep cool i said, "Sir, do you need help with something?" He gave me a long stare and he reached to his pockets and took out a knife, i panicked, what a 16 y'o supposed to do? He saw my face turning white, i had my phone out below the tabke and was already on call with the police, i remembered i had those fake police siren mp3 on my phone, i connected it to a nearby speaker and blasted it, that man wasn't budging, like he had no fear of getting caught and was raising his voice and shouting in different language and he was trying to jump on me with the knife, i managed to duck and run off outside to the busy Street, later the police showed up and went to the office, standing there, without moving as police dragged him out he was still staring right at my soul, he mumbled something and gave a little grin, he was arrested i later found out that he was a escaped convict, a physco who murdered his wife while being drunk and ran over shops, stalls, that feeling still gives me cills, i quit that job 3 months later.

(Sorry if my grammer is bad, english is not my first language)

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