Night shifters on Reddit, what’s your scariest story?

Was night security in a business park when I was 26. About two weeks in, I was making my usual rounds in our suv. Just slowly driving around the parking lots listening to some Bob Dylan when I came up a small early 90s chevy sedan with the drivers side and passenger side door open. Car running. Lights on. No one anywhere and no sign of a struggle. Strangely clean interior for how crap the exterior was.

Now I'm alone. There is no one in this business park that is about two football fields in size. It's almost a maze with how the buildings are arranged.

If there is trouble, I can call the police/fire/emt. . So I write a short report of the vehicle and move on. A little creeped out, but my job is just be a mobile security camera pretty much. I didn't call the police because, well, I didn't want to bother them and I was new.

About 20 minutes later as I'm deep into the business park, I see someone slowly walking through the parking lot. Immediately my heart sinks. This person isn't moving normally. It's like their movement was dropping frames if it were filmed, it was disjointed and unnatural. I lock the doors and slow drive up to the person.

Blood. Everywhere. All down the front of his shirt, his arms, his hands, his pants. He drops. His legs just give out and he falls hard, like someone cut the strings on s marionette.

I can't even remember stopping the suv and getting out. I'm calling 911 and trying to stay calm and give directions. This person is out, completely unresponsive and just completely limp.

Never have I been more terrified. Night in a parking lot dimly lit when the lights were still orange. Cool and moist air. No movement anywhere. No wind. No birds. No insects. Just that Dylan song about the girl from north country and 911 dispatcher trying to help police and emt find me.

I was on the phone for 18 minutes until police show up.

The guy lived. Drug deal gone bad.

Never felt so helpless and terrified.

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