Nightfall: "It's the worst way to get to TI. So there's not so much joy about it"

A group of people that think of sports as a job can never succeed imo. You see sports is drastically different than your run of the mill 9-5s. Jobs as a word for the majority of mankind has been associated to something you have to do not something you like to do and when this word is associated with the virtue of sports it brings a negative subconscious to it. To succeed in sports you have to love and live the game you have to be in a state (individual and as a team) where your game defines you. I reckon all the community stated problems with eg might have a ground of truth to it (I don't opine much about people 4-5k mmr higher than me) but i think I know the root cause of there current perfomance, you cannot be the BEST at sports if you look at it as your job. Excuse me for the long post.

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