Nightguards of Reddit what are some of the weirdest stories you have to say?

My dad used to be a night guard and he was always there until really early in the morning. So he was doing his usual and listening to the radio and you could call into the radio if you spotted anything weird. So one person called into the radio reporting a weird light over the sea (I can’t remember where sorry). The radio host dismissed it for now until more people kept ringing in. He thought since you could see this place from the station that he would go to the roof and see it for himself. So he went to see it and there was a strange light over the sea. Then a couple minutes later the radio host had to go and so music was played and instead of it playing for a regular amount of time it played for a good few hours with no interruptions. Later on at some point in the morning another radio show host came on presumably to take the other guys place but the other guy was never heard of on that radio again. That guy was the regular radio show host for those times and so my dad believes that he uncovered something that he shouldn’t have and so he was no longer allowed to work on the radio. The strange light was never explained and I don’t think it was ever seen on the news.

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