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12 team H2H points. Dynasty 40 keepers

Am I right to be annoyed?

Joined an orphan team and the commish told me it was 30 active roster players and 15 taxi players. So I traded and cut accordingly as well as only drafted prospects multiple years out as I already had a surplus of active squad players.

As a result I ended up trading Sandy Alcantara for 3 prospects to clear active rosters spots (have grenkie, mcullers jr, keuchell, glasnow, boyd, Urias, Marquez, bassist, Fairbanks, hader, Anderson) so I was pretty stacked and could get something for him. After the draft the commish completely changed the rules with no warning to 45 active roster players. If I’d have known I wouldn’t have cut my surplus active roster guys or traded Alcantara.

The player pool was opened immediately after the draft (which didn’t fill the whole roster) so 6-8 teams picked up around 70 odd players before I realised what was going on.

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