Nightly random discussion - Jun 01, 2017

Repost from NRD.

Legal advice needed. I do not qualify for free legal assistance in PAO and I don't know any lawyer who can take the case pro bono.

Someone's accusing us of harassing and stalking her, then proceeds to harass and stalk me and my boyfriend by searching up all of our accounts (even non-social media ones), sending us inflammatory and hateful messages in all platforms since yesterday. She kept digging up personal information including my full name and pictures, both of which she's trying to spread. We have blocked her in everything but she's still finding ways. Today I received an sms from said person on my private number which I do not post anywhere, with a threatening message. I'm afraid that any contact with her, even telling her about anti-cyber bullying and stalking laws that I can sue her with would cause retaliation. I'm genuinely afraid for my safety now. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Now she's also catfishing as me on Tinder and sending my number and personal info to guys (4 people has texted me in the past hour).

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