Nightmare of ‘young, dumb investors’.

You don’t know enough history to say they’re the same.

They absolutely not the same. Apple has a device in the hand of most Americans. They sell insanely popular products with huge margins. That’s not a “bubble”. It’s not the dot com era where companies had no product. Same with AMD, Intel, Microsoft, hell even Zoom and Facebook, whos product is data.

I personally don’t care if the market is rational or not. I’m not here to bet on human rationality. I’m here to see how everyone is behaving, their basic psychology and the overall psychology of the market, and profit from that. That’s it. Philosophical doomspeak has no place here because I literally could not give a fuck.

If you want to do that, start a church. Pretend to divine the end of the world and get your congregation to drink poison and kill themselves with their false certainty. That’s where that sort of prophetizing belongs.

If the market turns to panic? I’ll buy puts. It’s not rocket science.

Even if it IS a bubble... these events happen, as I said, every 20-50 years. The market corrects itself. Life moves on. Somehow, stocks and options are still around and still making people money. So might as well play the game. Google happened during the dot com bubble. It’s doing quite well still.

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