Niko - The vigilante was an antagonist and a murderer. Stop defending him.

lmao you are the useful idiots yuri bezmenov warned us about.

imagine wanting to kill people cause they stop you from burning their homes and businesses down cause they wont give you free stuff,also its funny how you screech about metoo then hope someone gets raped

you are just a white supremacist with a guilty conscience and everything you screech about such as racism and sexism you are and you virtue signal to cover it up like a nonce who does charity work for kids...hide in plain sight.

louder the virtue signaller the more likely they are what they virtue signal against....truth is people like you feel superior to blacks and see them as helpless animals and you love feeling better than them and benevolent in helping them,its also why you hate black conservatives,cause they dare to think they are equal to you xD

you aint unique pall,you lot are all the same.

imagine saying you want to kill your own people and wish rape upon them,you have truly been indoctrinated and brainwashed,

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