Nine presidential candidates will attend the debate on Sunday, Feb 27 and seven vice-presidential candidates on Saturday, Feb 26. The event will start at 5pm-7pm. Organized by COMELEC and hosted by CNN Philippines.

BBM troll farms are also a huge factor.

Trolls revise history and also skew the algorithm in their favor. Ang daming pinoy na free data lang ng FB ang gamit, so nabibiktima sila.

Isipin nyo 200 troll accounts are managed by each "employee"!

Each troll has up to 200 different social media accounts to maintain and each of these will have to bear a certain type of personality.

"Kami talaga may personality, so you have 50 trolls, 15 doon eto personality niyo teacher kayo so dapat matalino, eto naman maybahay kayo so concern niyo nanay kayo. Dun kayo mag stick sa personality," Don said.

"That’s what trolling is all about...Idea is iba’t ibang tao pero isang persuasion," he added, noting that there are white and black trolls.

White trolls are more diplomatic in their online interactions, refraining from using expletives, while the black trolls can be "bad."

The trolls will have to take turns doing their jobs in three shifts. Switching from one account to another and maintaining each profile is not an easy task. They get paid well for that hassle.

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