Nintendo positions Switch Lite as companion console in new marketing

Sure. As a product in their lineup, it makes sense. And I'm not gonna lie - I've been tempted to pick one up as a companion device, too. But I think there are probably too many real world problems with it because of the way Nintendo deals with multiple consoles on an account.

First, some games don't have cloud saves so you have to pick a console to always play those games on. Second, while Nintendo does allow you to have multiple Switch consoles on your account and share digital purchases between the two, your secondary console requires a constant internet connection to play purchased content and DLC. Since the Switch Lite is a handheld only, that means I'd probably have to make the Lite the main device on my account since it won't have an internet connection as often as the normal Switch. But then again, I can't play any of the games I started on my other console that don't have cloud saves on my new primary Switch.

It's kinda a mess. Better than how the 3DS was for sure, but eh. Too much hassle.

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