Nintendo Switch helped me reach an at-risk student

So many garbage teachers that are completely oblivious to students with very apparent issues. I myself am a dead-quiet shy person, a fact that I cannot change (I've gone out of my comfort zone plenty of times to no avail, even for months at a time). Throughout my childhood I've been told by teachers that I need to be more active in class, that I'm too quiet and that it's not hard to raise your hand and answer questions. NEVER ONCE, was I asked: "Why are you quiet?"; "How are you coping?" etc. Not once did it even seem conceivable to them that raising my hand made my heart start pounding and made my thoughts clouded and difficult to express. Luckily I had a sweet teacher in high school, that although never asked me about my issues, gave me a decent push so I got through just fine. Now I'm an A-student at a university. Here I can do my own thing and stay quiet for the most part without being bothered. I've found peace at the university. If it weren't for this one teacher in high school, there is a good chance I wouldn't have made it. This makes me reflect on the issues so many students are facing (like the one this post is about) that are not being seen and aknowledged as such. Thank you so much OP for making a difference for this person.

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