Nitro is crazy overpriced

Maybe speaking for myself here, but the way I see it the problem could also just be PR and how people feel about 'Discord Inc'. People over pay for all kinds of things if you reduce it to raw value of what you get, and they can feel good about doing it if they feel good about the person they're giving the money to or feel very strongly about the product. That's where a huge amount of Patreons works, people will pay (a lot some times) for very minor or totally optional things because they want to support that person.

I just don't feel that way anymore about Discord. Its not some tiny new struggling indie app struggling in the marketplace, they have an insane install base. And to me at least, they have done pretty poorly on the actual PR front. They constantly make changes to the app that people actively hate, ignore all the feedback from the 'test client', put changes in anyway, and then say absolutely nothing to the public about the backlash. Not to mention the massive controversies with the Trust and Safety team. Basically the only interactions I've experienced with the actual 'Discord Inc' have been negative so I don't exactly jump at the chance to support them and overpay for features

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