No benefits (for me)

You are the only one who can decide if this is helping you. If you are happy with your life then we are happy for you. You gave it a try and made honest observations.

Just be aware that, even as a confident 18 year old, that porn is poison and can creep into your life like a a friend that actually harms you.

This is actually not an 'anti-masturbation' sub... read from the sidebar:

This forum is intended for porn addiction recovery and is not an anti-masturbation forum, many users return to non-compulsive masturbation after ridding pornography from their sexual habits. But remember, how you choose to utilize your genitals during your free time is a personal choice!

So, just keep being great and be aware that if you feel porn and fapping ARE negatively affecting your life, your view, your behavior, that we are here to support you if you want to give this a try ... for the whole 90 days, amigo!

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