No Cash Value: "When the beloved local arcade is bought out and rebranded by a sleazy family entertainment corporation, a group of preteens plot to rob it of all its tokens and return the arcade to its former glory."

But then your heroes run into Cyrus, Terry, and Dennis who are in charge of a hash token racket right there in the arcade, and they just busted out of the joint today, and they are looking for your boys hard, so they better watch out!

On top of that, there's Trevor and Cory siphoning gas in the mall parking lot, and Ricky and the boys are selling stolen meat. It's quite the sleazy operation.

Eventually your heroes run into the boys in the parking lot and together they take on Cyrus and the sleazy owner, Sam "The Caveman" Losco, that greasy bastard.

Right outside the arcade, there's J-Roc and T rappin' their latest hit about schmokin' weed and gangkin' tokens.

When all the tokens spill out all over the mall, and chaos ensues, Officer George Green and Officer Billiard Ball show up to clean up the mess.

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