Is 'no fats, no femmes, no asians' on dating profiles actually a thing that happens?

I have 'Not into ...' for practical reasons. Easier to let people self filter themselves out. I used to get way more pointless notifications before.

I think youre right. It does seem overblown. People are really sensitive to rejection, and instead of acknowledging that everyone has their own preferences, themselves included, they need to see themselves as some kind of victims to cope with it and blow it out of proportion. Theres this idea going around that people are entitled to other peoples boners. I think Grindr would be a better place if everyone was crystal clear on what theyre looking for, and if people could acknowledge that every single one of us has some feature that a large chunk of the population isnt into.

Im already in a long term relationship and just looking for hookups, so I don't feel any need to 'not rule anyone out' and 'give people a chance.' Its purely an exercise in finding the guys as close to my penis's ideal as possible. This way, nobody is wasting anyone else's time.

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