No free wing with Blackrock Mountain at launch confirmed

I agree there is a sense of entitlement in this gaming generation but when you make an argument that hearthstone is fine because their f2p model is better than other f2p games just remember f2p games are pretty much scams. F2p just means you usually get a basic game and have to pay for full access. It's like saying you have the choice of staying in a tent with a guy who stinks vs a guy who stinks a little less. Either way it's not going to make for a memorable experience.

In the past they used to give you game demos so you can find out whether u like the game or not. Nowadays it's a f2p model that has overpriced dlcs that really should have been part of the game in the first place. Now I'm sure some companies aren't this bad but I believe most people don't associate positive thoughts with the f2p model. So why does f2p exist? Because it's extremely profitable and people are still buying it.

It's a scam to make people part with more money via dlcs and such and such than by historically paying x amount for a full game. Also I can imagine that hearthstone must have very little development costs in proportion to the revenue/profits it generates.

I'd hazard a guess and say hearthstone is probably the most profitable blizzard game in history. So when you making a ton of profit for basically an extremely simple game with a simple interface I can understand why people are pissed off when you don't throw them a bone.

I'm fully f2p myself and infinite in arena. Thankfully since i'm infinite in arena i have plenty of gold and all the viable constructed cards but if i wasn't infinite in arena and had to fork out 440 pound/650 usd (based on opening 430 odd packs that i've opened since beta) then i would have to consider opportunity cost. Would i much rather spend 650 usd ( i use usd since most people on reddit are from the US) on hearthstone which is a great game or spend 650 usd on a collection of 10-15 great games which is the opportunity cost. Honestly if there wasn't arena and i wasn't good at arena i would have bought a bunch of games on steam instead.

Nobody is saying that blizzard shouldn't make money on hearthstone. They are just saying give the playerbase a bone every expansion like they have done so in the past. Such as you were allowed to keep the earned cards in the beta, then it was a free naxx wing, then 3 free gvg packs. I'm sure every gamer appreciates that small gift that blizzard gives least i know i do. It's a great draw for new and older players alike. New players will play the game and older players will come back for the gift. Also 31 cards for 3500 gold sounds a hell of a worse without that free intial wing.

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