I have no idea how to shave my pubes

It's okay man. We all had this question before. Honestly... my girlfriend thought me how!

I had a curly Bush about 1 1/2 inches down there, I started by using small scissors and safely cut as much as I safely could. Notice how i said safely twice in that sentence. Earlier that day, I had bought a razor from Walmart. Any razor works just fine, but go for a good one around $15-$20 that you can bring in the shower.

After I used the scissors, I went in the shower and got comfortable in there. Use nice hot water. Take your conditioner bottle and massage it gently over the areas you are going to shave, which would be about down to the peritoneum (if you don't know what that word is, look it up).

Your conditioned area shouldn't be in the water. Shave WITH the grain of your hair, and rinse the razor off in the water. Sometimes when you first shave, you will need to bring a rag into the bathroom to get the hair off the razor. Just make sure you bring the rag out of the bathroom when you are done.

Add more conditioner if you need to, but don't overdo it. All the conditioner does is help you get used to the razor. Eventually you'll get so comfortable shaving that you won't need to use conditioner.

I don't shave my balls. I just dont. Some men do, and I salute them!! But if that is an issue for you, I recommend taking your time out of the shower in a comfortable spot to individually trim those hairs.

P.S. If you don't shave every couple days, you'll start to itch. Ingrown hairs will also happen, they look like pimples, but it's nothing to worry about. Since I have started shaving, I've felt cleaner down there in general

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