No kick option ?

A kick vote would be good, but they are not always the best way to deal with it and they are not easy to get right.

If you want the honest truth, no system is perfect and many of them have holes/will have the potential for abuse or people falling between the cracks.

I think a better solution would be to give XP and other rewards based on your performance. If you meet a certain threshold you get the full reward.

For instance, ninjas, especially Dragon, can rack up DPS like crazy and likely hit the requirement without building or have the potential to lock people out by over damaging. This is especially problematic when you're a a low level playing with higher levels. When I did SSD five with some lower levels, I had six times the other two characters combat score combined, since I just hung out near the enemies and dragon slashed most of the waves before anyone could do anything.

Imagine if you lost experience simply because someone else didn't give you the chance to do better?

Likewise, a lot of side objectives inflate scores. Like I can build a base around the siphon, do nothing at the main objective and likely have the highest build score, without actually contributing anything to the team/objective.

Even collecting resources give score and if you get enough you could get points.

Now if you put restrictions on anything, like you need a score of X in Y, you run the risk of someone doing a lot, but losing because they didn't build enough or harvest enough. As previously stated, someone defending a siphon likely will have a good enough combat and building score to earn the points required, even if they don't help the main team.

Proximity suffers from things like people getting there early and building or someone going away in the area.

I can poke holes in any solution anyone posts, but I feel like a kick system would be best. Put a restriction on it, like no one can be kicked with less than three minutes left on the clock, so people don't lose points at the last second and it should work better than most.

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