No leftists left!

I don't blindly do anything. I work every day in my professional life to make life easier for vulnerable populations. I see poverty, substance use disorders, institutional racism, and mental health issues every day.

One thing I'd like you to consider: why are you so invested in amplifying conservative oppo messaging? In 2015 I heard an interview with the head of what used to be Karl Rove's super PAC. He came right out and admitted that their PAC was actually funding pro-Sanders messaging during the primaries because it was a testing ground for their anti-Clinton stuff. They took advantage of impassioned left-leaning folks to signal boost ultra-Conservative messaging.

If you take a good look at Biden and Harris's platforms, you'll realize that a lot of what you just said is super inaccurate, misleading, or an outright fabrication.

And Trump has been an unmitigated disaster from day 1. Anyone who says that the poor, vulnerable, or oppressed in this country have the same experience under Trump as Obama hasn't had many conversations with those people. Not to mention the erosion of American political mores under Trump.

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