I no longer support the LGBT community.

And I’d remind you that trans activists are actively erasing homosexuals from the historical record. How is that not cutting people out of the community? I’ll give you a great example that you cited: Sylvia Rivera. And by expression, Marsha P Johnson. Both are credited, particularly Marsha, for “starting stonewall.” Type #Stonewall on Instagram and you’ll see HUNDREDS of posts with her photo, praising her for “throwing the first brick at Stonewall.” Guess what: she didn’t. Neither she nor Sylvia were there the first night of stonewall—they were partying uptown. You can read it in an interview with Marsha herself.

The person who threw the first brick at stonewall was a proud black butch lesbian, Stormé DeLarverie. She has all been but erased from history. Seriously, look up the hashtag #Stonewall. Storme, a homosexual woman, is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! She is erased! Marsha and Sylvia even have a statue in NYC in the works. Once again, Stormé is not included.

How the fuck is this okay?

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