No Man's Sky Next Trailer

This will get buried, but I'm a game dev. I worked at the studio that Sean Murray worked at before creating Hello Games. The studio was wrought with problems from the top to the very bottom & went bankrupt. Before the studio broke apart, Sean lawyered up heavy & got full legal rights to the code for the project we were working on (Sigma 3 was the working title).

At the time all the code has was the procedural generation. Much akin to Minecraft in the very very early Alpha days, all you could really do with it was walk around & enjoy how everything was generated.

He took the code & created a studio with investors on the backing of the codes unique concept.

---(This is where it's more hearsay from people I know who went with him at this point)---

At the new studio Sean didn't have a clue what to do, so he got a low-tier dev team to turn the procedural generation portion of the code into a working concept. If you aren't aware, this shit isn't easy to work with. They got it bare bones running & shipped it. This is how you get a game like No Man's Sky that's "As wide as an ocean, but as shallow as a kiddy pool"(Just like Minecraft in early Alpha).

He told lie after lie after lie, even direct bold face lies to interviewers, and got the game shipped on the back of his lies. Once people realized, yeah they revolted, but he had the money he needed to now hire a real dev team.

years later, we get this.

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