No matter your age, what makes you feel old?

Not when I see my grey hair - although it's always a shock. Not the chronic pain - because I've had that since I was 19. Not my age - I haven't hit 60 yet - maybe that will do it. Not when I think of my husband's heart condition - he was 31 when he first had angina. Not even the number of years married - 34 - so long that I can't imagine anything else any more But a good friend of ours died a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't even 70 yet. But retired. Had a massive heart attack. He was the first of our cronies who hadn't "died too soon". It was still a shock but didn't feel out of the question - or unable to imagine. Others have died in accidents or of cancer and such but were considered "too young". My generation is starting to die of "old age" and my own mortality is realized.

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