'no' means something, or am I just an weird?

Example of Context that bothers me:

"no, I need to hang up, i need to go to bed, I have work tomorrow." And he will keep her on the phone call through the night, to the point that they fall asleep on the call together.

This extends to all communication really, she will say no, the Dom will go around the no.

I know she lets it happen, so she's set it up so that he can get away with it.

I've had a bad nights sleep, due to an argument with her. I'm grumpy. I feel like her implication is that I'm not a Dom, because I won't go around a 'No', with her or anyone.(unless we've discussed it) So I'm having a grumble about it.

More history:

I'm not her Dom, I was in the past. We still live together have separate bedrooms and have a mostly vanilla relationship. She has 2 Doms. I've got a problem with the latest addition, that she told me about last night.

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