No no no no no

We have enough special exclusions, inclusions, xclusions.

We have two terms for a reason. A pedophile is a person that's sick and has an uncontrollable sexual attraction to children, and a child molester is someone that caved into those urges and raped a child.

I think a big part of this stigma against "pedophiles" is how we tend to use the term interchangeably with "child molester," when the two aren't mutually inclusive terms. The equivalent would be to lump rapists into the same group of innocent men that can't find a woman that wants to date them.

I'd say that as long as there's this very vicious stigma where even admitting that you might have this sickness could have people wanting to beat the shit out of you, we'll have a steady stream of people that refuse to get help for their problem for fear of having their lives nuked from orbit for something they can't control, and I think that's worse for society if anything.

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