No offense, but I think it’s really rude to pull out a stack of cash the size of my head and then tip me $3 on $45.

Man, fuck that person. That's rude as hell. I don't even go out to eat if I don't have enough budgeted to leave a good tip!

Not a server, but I worked in hair/barbering for a long time, and tipping for that can be downright awful, too. People who flash their cash or talk about how much money they have/make are people you should never expect a tip from at all, forget getting a decent one. People regularly tip <$5 on services over $150. There were several instances over the years of getting $1-2 tips on bills excessive of $200 where I gave the tip back, and I have no shame for it. It's insulting as hell when you spend 4+ hours with someone giving them a look they love, and their "gratitude" isn't even enough to buy you a drink at a vending machine.

People who are concerned with how others percieve their wealth are often those most unwilling to share it with anyone. Mind people who talk about how wealthy they are, chances are they're really stingy. This goes for friendships, too.

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