No One Cares About The Plight Of Men

It doesn't make sense.

If women are "equal" then they have to be equal to something no?

You are assuming men are in a better position across ALL boards and planes, which we both know are false

That is true. Name me one country where women dominate men.

that is like saying equality for whites is equality for blacks

The freedom of one is tied to the freedom of another.

Gender inequalities are two separate issues

No they aren't. This is a very ignorant and ill-thought-out viewpoint on how different power dynamics in society interact with each other.

Usually, the ones that care for both gender inequalities deliberately choose to not identify as feminist because of the extremists and fools that ruin the true meaning of feminism.

I gave you a 15 minute long video about why those people are stupid. If you didn't watch it that's your fault.

Now you are just assuming things you know nothing of. Honestly, if you have to stoop low enough that you start personal attacks and assumptions, you are clearly not ready to listen to reason.

Nothing you are saying is reasonable. Especially if you actually know what feminism is. Which you clearly don't. You speak of it in reactionary stereotypes.

I'm going to leave it at this; I'd like you to look at your posts to me and instead of man and woman, use black and white.

This is idiotic and reductive in ways I can't even imagine. Not to mention that nothing I said is racist even if you do that. Unless of course you're an insecure suburban whiteboy incapable of stepping outside of his own paranoia for a sec. Which I'm guessing you are.

Now you're going to accuse me of being racist against white people even though I'm white, right? Because people like you always do...

If people like you are uncomfortable it's a good thing, usually. I'll just say that. Comfort is the devil. Welcome to the bleak, sick, disgusting, world of reality: where nobody gives a fuck about coddling you or softening the truth to fit your deluded visions about yourself

Yes, sexism towards men does exist

I'm saying it doesn't matter. And in the areas where patriarchy does effect men negatively (and it does) then guess what? That's patriarchy's fault, not feminism. Something feminists say all the time.

So who's really being ignorant here that you don't even know this, and yet you claim to be some sort of authority on feminism?

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