No One Cares About Russia in the World Breitbart Made

I work/have worked with a lot of Republicans in the 'business conservative' group. Some really like Trump but most just cared about getting a Republican in, so these aren't your diehard Trump people. I never talk politics with them and it's generally just assumed everyone in the office is a Republican.

Most of what I've heard for the last two months has been serious disappointment in the lack of legislation being passed. Everyone has said that they can't believe Congress is still stuck on healthcare, especially when they all really want to get to taxes. Surprisingly there's not a lot of blame towards Trump himself - I think most of them got over his antics after the election. But I think for most Republicans the opinion of Trump, Congress, and the entire party is now intertwined because they have power at most levels, so a failure for Congress is a failure for all GOP reps.

Overall they give no shits about Russia, as the article suggests, or about any of the ridiculous Trump team members and cabinet. My bet is that any lost support will come right back in the event that bills start getting passed. I am sorry but these people really don't care how many people get kicked off insurance or whether Vladimir Putin publicly declares that he colluded directly with Trump. It just doesn't matter, and really it won't matter even if Trump got impeached and convicted, they'd just deny they ever had anything to do with him and move on with the next guy. Trump is just a symptom and just the beginning of the new super-extreme phase of the GOP.

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