Is no one else concerned how poorly the USD is doing?

Trade worries: immediately, there's concern both of US pulling out of NAFTA and from their additional step of the solar/washer tariff, the latter of which wouldn't have been a big deal if there weren't also worries Trump was going to start a trade war (which I don't think has merit, but some market participants disagree). Further out and more generally, protectionism has been one of Trump's talking points for a while, and people expect him to act on it more with time.

Monetary policy concerns: there's some concern Trump may try to influence Fed to keep rates low and overheat economy for political gain since he's been taking credit for stock market performance (again, I don't think there's merit, but).

Tax reform: it's expected the bonuses and reduced taxes will be catalyst to a large spending surge in US by consumers and companies, more dollars chasing goods/services/securities.

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