No one talks about Financial/Economic Abuse. My multi-millionaire monsters destroyed my worth & confidence. They kept me dependent, controlled me, & ensured I was impoverished & ashamed for needing normal help. I hope this helps you.

You can say whatever you want. I didn't say you were wrong. This is what I said: I can't find any trustworthy people. Lean on yourself. That's the only person you can really trust.

It is honestly the healthiest approach a person can take to life. What you describe sounds like codependency but I didn't want to say those things to you.

From what I said you became intent to discredit me, hope I change my perspective as if I should feel bad about it and profess all kinds of darkness awaits me because I am the singular authority in my life. You also made a lot of assumptions. Humans absolutely can live happily by themselves btw. There are hermits, monks and just regular people doing so everyday. But if you prefer the company of people, that's your choice to make. People can make us feel very lonely. You don't need to prove your perspective to me and it's ok to see things differently. No study can prove what you state anyway. The one you presented comments on the effects of being forced into lockdown due to a virus. Hardly applicable and interpretation of data is at least as important as being able to Google it.

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