'No shower, no shower!' migrants shout as Pence visits Texas detention centers

Listen. Half the population isn't beholden to Fox News. It's a much smaller proportion - they just seem like half because they're loud and proud.

A lot of people are questioning. They aren't connected to the news like you or I or the religious Fox News viewer are.

They have questions. But they're not interested in hearing you rant about leftist politics and harangue them for disagreeing. They want validation. They want you to take them seriously.

I have one such friend. He just got out of a 5 year relationship; it turned out badly, and it was also his first relationship. Because of lack of experience, he has some thoughts about women informed by his thoughts about his ex.

He asks me about concepts from "the Red Pill". I answer in an honest but non-judgmental way. I say "this is how I feel about that Red Pill concept, and this is why". I listen to his response, and engage with it. I'm gay, so I give examples from my own experience of guys who behave like prototypical Red Pill ladies, to undermine the gendered narrative. I talk about the many women in my life who don't conform to the Red Pill narrative - and I share the story of the one who does, while emphasizing that this is one woman among hundreds. Tonight I proposed "we catch the kind of fish that we cast lures for", and invited him to reflect on what kind of fish he wanted, and whether the Red Pill philosophy was the right lure.

The small proportion of people who are beholden to Fox News can't be swayed. The much larger percentage of people who feel like something is wrong with their country, and who want answers, can be. The best way to sway them is with honest conversation, with honestly sharing your views and why you believe them, by asking questions to understand their feelings, allowing them to speak, and accepting them without judgment.

Friend: "Fox News seems like the only trustworthy news nowadays. They tell the truth about our immigration crisis."

You: "Fuck you, Nazi scum!"

Grade: F

Friend: "Fox News seems like the only trustworthy news nowadays. They tell the truth about our immigration crisis."

You; "omg there is no immigration crisis [sources]"

Grade: D+, but this course is graded on a curve. I know, I know, oh oh oh!

Friend: [you know the drill]

You: smart people broaden their news diet. Have you seen [interesting, inoffensive article from progressive source]? You should read them more, everyone is reading them.

Grade: C+. Diversion is good, but they're still not satisfied.

Friend: [yep the same thing]

You: I see. Tell me more. ... I hear you. It's tough to find a good job nowadays, especially when CEOs pit citizens against immigrants in a race to the bottom. I think there's enough work to go around in this country. Wouldn't it be great if we could just work useful jobs and earn a fair wage?

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