[NO SPOILERS] Euron actor Pilou Asbaek wishes he were more like the supernatural, “Dark Lord” book Euron

Just popping into this convo to say that I'm thankful someone is calling people out for this. People are so so obviously bitter about their theories not panning that they've all gone as far to say that the ending that none of us have seen is definitely going to suck. Yeah, super objective.

Meanwhile, the nitpicking of Dany's decision making feels so weird when the series' biggest twist happens after one of the characters makes the stupidest freaking decision in the whole show (going against his word, then bringing his entire family through the place/house he betrayed doesn't seem super logical to me, at least). The entire last couple of weeks have suckkkkeeeddd to be a fan of this show. Glad everyone is hellbent on ruining the last few weeks we have with it. Critique is fine. Endless whining about how bad things have gotten is sad and unnecessary.

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