[no spoilers possibly] If you could tell the producers what to do starting from season 1 onwards, What would you do to make arrow great again?

What if him and batman grew up with a rivalry, Oliver being the snarky playboy and Bruce meeting the arrow and taking off his hood and finding that it's oliver and Bruce doesn't believe that oliver's changed and believes he's still the same douschbag rich kid and Oliver believes that he doesn't need batman's help and they eventually become colleagues/friends then at the end of season 2 or 3 we see superman fly down, In this, Superman is already experienced superhero but bats and oliver have only ever heard of him, not actually met him yet and I could introduce something like darkseid or some threat that superman cant face alone that he needs their help for and using his xray vision says something along the lines of "Oliver Queen, Never thought I'd see you do anything meaningful" Bats already knowing who superman is despite never actually meeting him as he always does detective work says a quip back.

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