[NO SPOILERS] Shoutout to Fabian Wagner, the cinematographer behind all those stunning shots

You are wrong.

Yea, a DP blaming the consumer for shooting a 2.8 and 1280EI in an episode where it was lit with candles, a few fake moon lights, and soft warm lights (except certain scenes). Kubrick shot Barry Lyndon with lenses that opened to f0.95.. YES, focus pulling had to be almost impossible, but it made the frame visible. I can't believe he said that shit. I know it's an action sequence, but its a professional set. Why they didn't use a super speed lens and open the iris up past f/t2 or crank the EI a little bit more makes no sense. He should have made a product consumable at the level GoT is.. watched by millions the night of release. That being said, I think a lot of problems came from the compression for stream.. but that doesn't excuse the most arrogant bullshit I've heard from a DoP in years. ​ Edit: He blamed the consumer for not calibrating your tv's correctly, as well as the 'i shot it' line. He likely viewed every shot on set with a $2k on camera monitor, a $5k+ 17inch monitor, and a $7,500 ARRI Alexa Mini Eyepiece. Us watching it on a $500 tv is not the same, and he made this for theaters (I guess?)

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