[NO SPOILERS] Started watching GoT

Those were undoubtedly great. The show is still very enjoyable.

What about the other things i.e:

1.Jaime raping Cersei and Tyrion climbing the steps up to his fathers chambers for no good reason back in season 4.

2.The Sandsnakes and Ellaria(all of whom are bastards) killing their killing Doran and his son in revenge for Elia (who Doran was unable to avenge earlier because Robert had consolidated the realm meaning a rebellion would have been suicide) and Oberyn who got himself involved in a trial by combat, got sloppy and died.(so wiping out the rest of house Martel to avenge House Martel)Robbing the Dornish of their ruling family for the deaths of the members of that family.

3.How contrived Jorah's arc as a pit fighter in mereen was and the fact that Dany is suddenly a firebender just so that writers can get rid of all those khals gathered in the pavillion.

4.That Littlefinger would sell Sansa to the Boltons.

5.That Khal Drogo, the veteran of countless battles can die from a trifling cut and yet Arya, who is no more than a child, can survive being stabbed multiple times by a professional assassin, falling into a canal(into which Braavos shits and dumps other wastes), and is then well enough to best a much more experienced assassin(of the Faceless men-who are the best regardless of whether its dark or not.)

6.That Jacqen was ok with Arya not truly shedding her identity.

7.That the Northern lords never seem to mind that Jon is seemingly a deserter from the nightswatch.

8.That Ramsey who presumably holds Moat Cailin is not aware that the knights of the Vale are in the North until they show up to smash his army.

9.The many faces of lord Glover and other northern lords who refused to support Jon.

10.That the Tyrells are crushed seemingly effortlessly by the Lannisters.(Very annoying)

11.The stupidity of the capture a wight plot and that Tyrion was the one to suggest it.

12.That Jon's name is Aegon. (Rheagar's first son by Elia was named Aegon)

13.(Most jarring) That an undead dragon-animated by the magic of the White walkers- is breathing fire!!(oughtn't it be that the ww and their undead thralls are killed by fire)

These are just some of the most prominent ones.

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