No Team GB football teams for 2016 Brazil Olympics

Personally, I would have liked it if we had team there, mainly because it was just another event to follow at the games where we had a chance of success.

But, I don't blame the other home nations for voting against it. In 2012 there were no Scottish players, no Norther Irish players and Giggs, Bellamy, Allen, Ramsey and Taylor were the only non-English players.

So, out of a squad of 18 - which was supposed to be representing 4 countries coming together to compete - 13 were from just one country, with 2 countries not represented at all. Keeping in mind that all 4 home nations have to agree for there to be a team in 2016; after that there is no way we were ever going to get one.

I understand that's probably how the selection should have been if you were selecting just the best team. But, it's not really such a seriously taken competition. They could have easily included the likes of Barry Bannan, Leigh Griffiths, Jordan Rhodes, Shane Ferguson for example, or even Steven Fletcher, Darren Fletcher, Chris Brunt, Steven Davis, Craig Gordon, Scott Brown, Steven Niasmith as one of the over-23 players just to ensure that all home nations were represented in some way. No-one would have really questioned these inclusions, and it would have gone a long way in terms of appeasing all home nations representatives.

It was a poorly managed situation by Pearce and the FA, if they wanted there to be a GB team in 2016 again, they must have known that not picking any Scottish or Norther Irish representation was going to make it very unlikely...

...and not picking Becks for one of the over-23 spots was sacrilege. Even I would have enjoyed the opportunity to see Giggs and Beckham knock it around in midfield together again.

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