No, Universal Healthcare is NOT bad for the society.

There are most definitely safer investments (well, one must have a definition of a 'safe investment' but lets not go down a rabbit hole, and we'll leave it up to personal risk tolerance), I could take my money and throw it into foreign securities, precious metals, heck, I could buy a bunch of bricks and deem it a safe investment in accordance to my risk tolerance.

These things would still exist in a situation where a government overleverages themselves to oblivion.

The point is though, I'd be able to make my own decisions with money that I earned.

And I want to make it clear that this isn't an anti-tax argument, this is a forceful retirement fund that may or may not yield you good results, or any results at that.

The point is if I'm able to take action with my own money for my own retirement I don't have anyone to blame for the outcome whether it be good or bad, except myself.

That said you I couldn't convince me that a government ran program that spends more money than it takes in.

Now I'm sure that if a situation ever were to occur where the barrel went dry the US gov would likely just start printing more money to cover, but that's not a good solution, doesn't guarantee that the government won't go completely solvent to the point of not being able to pay anyone at all.

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