No vote is a vote

  1. The people in power are only in power because somebody votes for them.
  2. It's not like republicans being anti-abortion is a surprise.

People act like they can vote for certain parts of a candidate's platform. You don't. You vote for all of it. When they tally up the votes, they don't say "well this person voted for this person, but only on this condition". A vote is a vote regardless of the reason. That's how the world works.

If you see the a political party which makes racism, or anti-abortion, or anti-LGBT policies, or any other horrible shit part of their agenda, and vote for them instead of an alternative which doesn't, you don't get to then wash your hands of any responsibility when they get into power and start enacting that because your vote empowered them. You don't get to vote for the leopards eating people's faces party because "well, I just think the spots are neat" then say you never wanted them to start eating faces.

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