I personally feel like WSB has been a community that has been able to band together and tip the investing scales in our (aka the common public’s) favor. Lots of people put in the time and the research to find and share patterns on the charts or incredible DD or that less experienced, smooth brained apes like myself would have never had a chance to see. This community is the “we” that I’m referring to. Personally I have no idea what I’m doing but, what little I do know, I learned from or got the link for the research from the community on this subreddit. This group came together and started a movement with GME that has absolutely made an impact on the markets. Before this year who would have ever thought that a subreddit forum would be the driving force behind a section of the market called “meme stocks?” You get what you want to get from this place and others will get what they want. Best of luck to you and to all of “us.”

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