No wifi =abuse?

Eh, I guess there's no strong reason to believe this is abuse, but there are some fair points in there (even if they're more than a bit uncharitable to the mother.) When my stepmother was divorcing my father, she had a tendency to pull passive-aggressive stuff like this on me. I remember once how she made me clean her bathroom five times, coming in and finding some microscopic speck of dirt somewhere each time. And I could see her pulling something like this image, not because I was a kid who didn't do his chores, but out of some weird power-abuse shit designed specifically to get me to complain. And yet it was just ~plausibly~ enough like a strict parenting style that if as an inarticulate thirteen year I came and complained to reddit, there would be people who thought I was just brat who didn't want to do his chores. There's nothing saying the mom is anything like my stepmother (maybe the kid never does their chores and this is totally warranted!) and thus the responses are kind of out of hand, but it certainly does give me the "willies", as someone in that thread put it.

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