No, YouTube, I will not subscribe to Premium

Hosting 4K videos ain’t free.

I don’t know what revenue model the freeloaders expect to work for a business that’s hosting videos. They won’t pay and they won’t watch ads, they just want free bandwidth, storage, compute cycles. Even a nonprofit can’t sustain that kind of model. Organizations like the Internet Archive and Wikipedia rely on donations, with Wikipedia putting huge banners every year begging for donations.

Without some kind of revenue they would be gone.

I’m not going to shame anyone for blocking ads, and I don’t care what happens to Google’s revenue in particular, especially since not everyone is in the financial situation to be paying for Premium.

However, at least have the self-awareness to realize that if everyone did what you did this thing you use so much wouldn’t be financially viable and would disappear.

YouTube Premium is actually a very decent deal when you consider that it comes with Spotify-like music streaming.

I personally like showing companies that I would prefer to pay to never see ads. If companies see that customers aren’t willing to pay to remove ads, they’ll just give everyone ads and give up on ad-free business models. I consider it a wonderful thing that YouTube even gives us the option to remove ads. Wouldn’t it be nice if other media companies like Meta and live sports networks offered that option? At least YouTube gives you a choice in the matter!

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